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8 Maltese Food items you didn't know about but HAVE to try

Maltese food

Malta is a place known for its spectacular weather and lovely beaches, but there’s one typical Maltese thing which is definitely under-rated; it’s cuisine. Next time you’re out and about in Malta, don’t satisfy your cravings in an American diner or Italian restaurant, instead head out to nourish yourself with these 8 delicious Maltese delicacies!

1. Ftira

There are two types of ftiras on the island – and both are equally as mouth watering. 

Ftira biż-żejt (Tuna ftira) : This ftira is a circular, semi-flat, bread typically topped with tomato paste, tuna, olives and Maltese cheeselets and garnished with olive oil, salt and pepper. What’s so lovely about this sort of ftira? You can have it anywhere at any point in year! It is ideal both for a day at the beach and a cold winter day! Beware when consuming it though, it’s not very ‘white-shirt friendly’!

Ftira Għawdxija (Gozitan ftira): Differently from the previous ftira, the Gozitan ftira resembles a pizza. That’s right! A pizza. It can take up many different forms and can hold a various range of toppings. And oh geez is it delicious! Its one flaw? Once you leave Malta, you won’t be able to satisfy your craving for it any time soon!


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2. Pastizzi

Oh man! Just writing about this gets my mouth watering! There is no way, you will EVER find a local who has not indulged in pastizzi at some point in their life. These oily, calorie-filled little pastries are delicious! Don’t let the healthy ricotta they hold deceive you though! Nothing about these little things is healthy! 



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3. Rabbit stew

Yes, that’s right, in Malta, rabbits are a delicacy! The rabbit is usually slow-cooked which leaves the meat succulent and tender. It is usually found at Maltese festivals for everyone’s enjoyment, so keep your eyes open next time you’re in Malta! 



4. Ġbejniet (Maltese goat cheese)

These round cheeses are usually made by local sheep or goat milk, salt and rennet. These are ideal when paired with water crackers, bread and such light bases. Most Maltese locals, though, find pleasure in snacking on solely them.  



5. Qubbajt

This traditional Maltese nougat is especially common in village feasts and can be bought at a fairly cheap price. The nougat comes in various different flavours, there’s something for everyone out there! But again, beware, Maltese treats aren’t the healthiest!



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6. Imqaret

The name of this sweet is a portrayal of its shape; a diamond. These traditional treats are made with pastry and a filling of dates and are then deep fried to achieve their golden crust. Valletta especially is very famous for Imqaret kiosks. Although people usually purchase an Imqaret or two on their way into or out of Valletta for a nibble, others may choose to make this treat as dessert and accompany it with ice cream for that extra oomph!



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7. Kinnie

Here’s the thing, people usually either love Kinnie, or hate it! It has become tradition for the Maltese to have their foreign friends taste Kinnie just to admire their reaction. This soft drink is made of a blend of oranges and aromatic herbs and can be therefore too bitter for some but the Maltese love it and they just can’t get enough, especially on a hot summer’s day! 



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8. Cisk

The Maltese love their alcohol, so much so, that they have their own beer; Cisk. This golden coloured, lager beer holds a strong presence in Kazini (band clubs) and is also found in every restaurant and bar around Malta! This beer has won awards in Australia and Brussels and has been awarded to be the best lager in the WORLD! So give it a try next time you’re in Malta and make sure to buy a few boxes from the duty free section at the airport to take home with you. That’s exactly what the Maltese do whenever they’re off to visit friends and family abroad! 



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As you may have noticed, the Maltese cuisine isn’t the healthiest but rest assured it will please your taste buds and feast your eyes!

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