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9 Top Fun Activities for Kids in Malta

Without a doubt, there is a lot for the young ones to see and do in the Maltese Islands. The following 9 destinations are perfect for the entire family to enjoy, whether you are on holiday with ChoiceHolidays or are just out to have some quality time with your kids.

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1. BOV Adventure Park

Fun for children of all ages, the BOV Adventure Park offers climbing frames, water fountains, swings, a picnic area, and more. A modest café is also available for parents to enjoy some refreshments while their children take advantage of the open space.

Price: Free

Ta' Qali BOV Adventure Park

2. Esplora

Esplora is a recently opened Interactive Science centre found at Villa Bighi, at Kalkara, in the south of Malta. While the kids will be very well-entertained and spend a few hours, the parents can then have a walk along the front towards the 3 cities, enjoying the view of the Valletta Bastions, from a view which is rarely advertised, but is as spectacular as the Sliema side view.

Esplora Musical Corridor

Price: Adults €6 (+€2 for planetarium show) | Children (5-11 yrs) €4.00   (+€1 for planetarium show)

Have a look at Nickolodean's Jack and Kira's Malta Mission below:


3. Duck Village

Duck Village

Easily recognisable by its donated decorations, Duck Village is scattered with miniature houses for the nearby ducks to rest in. Although the charitable venture is named Duck Village, you’ll find all sorts of other animals living here, including: cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

The Duck Village can be at Manoel Island in Gzira.

Price: Free


4. Malta National Aquarium 

Experience Malta’s underwater life - with 41 tanks and over 100 different species, the aquarium includes Mediterranean fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, amongst others.

Malta National Aquarium

A nautical themed outdoor play area is also available for children, as well as a café serving refreshments in the piazza overlooking the beautiful St. Paul’s Island.


Price: Adults €12.90 | Children (5-12 yrs) €6.00 | Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €10.90


5. Mediterraneo Marine Park 

Mediterraneo Marine Park

If you’re looking for an exciting family day out, make sure to visit Malta’s marine park. Sit back and enjoy impressive shows featuring dolphins, sea lions and parrots. Home to a variety of marine life species, the Mediterraneo Marine Park is both educational and entertaining.

For an additional cost, you may also choose to swim with dolphins.


Price: Adults €15.90 | Children (4-12 yrs) €9.90 including Parrot, Sea Lion and Dolphin presentations


6. Splash and Fun Water Park

Located just across the Mediterraneo Marine Park, Splash and Fun promises an incredibly fun day out. Try the wave pool, lazy river, black hole, and all the other activities available at Splash and Fun.

Splash and Fun Park

Price: Full Day Adults €20 | Children (3-12 yrs) | Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €12. Half Day Adults €14 | Children (3-12 yrs) | Senior Citizens (60 yrs+) €8


7. Popeye Village

Popeye Village

Although Popeye Village was purposely built as a film set in 1980 for a musical production of Popeye, the village has since become a family favourite entertainment park. This picture perfect village includes playing and swimming areas, animation shows, boat rides, restaurants, and more.


Price: Adults €10.50 | Children €8.50

8. Bugibba Water Park

Those who are living in the areas of Bugibba and St. Paul's Bay will find that visiting the Water Park found in the area close to the square is a great fun day out for the kids.

Bugibba Water Park

Price: Free

Malta offers a delightful setting for a family holiday!

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