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Gozo and the 7 best places you need to visit (to enjoy the weekend to the max)

Although we’d all love to savour Gozo to the full, not many of us can afford spending more than a weekend in Malta’s sister island. You just have to make your time count! At ChoiceHolidays, we love these 7 locations - you really shouldn't miss them! 

1. Xlendi 

Xlendi is a small fishing port, but it's the place to visit if you’re a water sports junkie. Whether you want to go for a light paddle trip or an extreme jet ski ride, Xlendi is the location to visit - they’ve got it all! Something you must visit while in Xlendi it's the hidden cave, and beautiful cliff. Manmade stairs will allow you to climb the cliff and enjoy the beautiful view of the bay from above.

2. Marsalforn

Marsalforn is well known for the restaurants lining its shore. The Candy Cafe’ is especially known among those holding a sweet tooth. When planning your trip, make sure to stop in Marsalform for either lunch or dinner, to satisfy the taste buds! 

3. Ta’ Pinu

Ta’ Pinu is a Roman Catholic church located in Gharb. The church features a collection of objects donated by the Maltese as a testimony of their answered prayers. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately before visiting the premises as dress etiquette is strictly regulated.  

4. Wied il-Mielaħ

The Azure Window may have fallen but it’s time for Wied il-Mielaħ to take centre stage. This underestimated arch is as beautiful as its successor. Fear not, you may have missed out on the Azure Window but Wied il-Mielaħ is sure to deliver. Given how close you can actually get to this arch, it does feel even more majestic than the Azure window.

5. Visit a secluded beach

Gozo is well known for its secluded beaches. The most proclaimed secluded beach in Gozo has got to be Mgarr ix-Xini - a location praised for its beautiful sunsets. Pay it a visit next time a refreshment is in due. There's also a tiny tiny beach called San Blas beach. It's picturesque - and not easy to get to, so for those who are more adventurous, do look it up and see whether you can actually get there. (Hint: it's the picture in our featured image)

6. Ġgantija

Fancy getting cultured? The Ġgantija Temples in Xagħra are the world's second oldest manmade religious structures after Göbekli Tepe. A visit to these temples allows you to grasp a holistic insight of various aspects related to life in the Neolithic.

7. The Citadel

Failing to visit the Gozitan Citadel is like omitting Valletta from your Maltese itinerary - it’s blasphemous!  The Citadel has served as a refuge as well as a fortification. Visit the newly renovated structure and climb to the uppermost level for a fantastic 360 view of Gozo. 
A little time in Gozo is better than no time in Gozo, make it count! 
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