9+ Top Boutique Hotels in Malta, Valletta or close by (with Best Prices)

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9+ of the top Boutique Hotels in Malta, Valletta and beyond


1. Why pick a boutique hotel?
2. Valletta
3. Luxury
4. Rest of Malta

Why pick a boutique hotel?

With an island so rich in culture, and which has tourism as one of it's economic pillars, you'll find there is no shortage of hotels in Malta and here at Choice, we guarantee that you'll find the best prices for any accomodation you choose.

But why opt for a modern, hotel or apartment when you can literally sleep in rooms which are teeming with history.

Maybe it was the knights a few months after they fought the Great Seige who have actually lived in the house that is now a boutique hotel? Or maybe the Palazzo where you are now having breakfast has been owned by one of the grandmasters of the island?

This are some of the stories which can be told by some of the best Malta boutique hotels!

Besides the actual history, quite a few of such accomodations have recently been fully restored from old dillapted buildings, so even if they have plenty of character, they lack none of the luxurious amenities one tends to expect from boutique living.

As locals, with plenty of experience in the hospitality industry, we can give you the best recomemndations for you to enjoy one of the best experiences Malta has to offer.

Boutique Hotels in Valletta

With Valletta having been crowned capital city of culture in 2018, the preceeding months and years saw a bunch of old palazzos in the capital being restored to their former glory as luxurious living accomodation. While up to a few years ago, one would be hard pressed to find any hotels in Valletta, let alone boutique ones, this is no longer the case. 

In fact, today, the situation is quite the opposite, the level of accomodation makes picking up the best one a very difficult choice.

Of course, we're going to try, we'll share some of the history of each place and then let you take your pick, depending on your preferences and budget.

1. La Falconeria

Located in Melita Street, the street formerly colloquilly known as Strada del Gran Falconiere, La Falconeria is a living part of Valletta's history. This street used to house and train the Maltese falcons which the Knights of the Order of St. John were required to send as the annual fee to Charles V of Spain, King of Sicliy who ruled Malta in the 16th century, hence the name of the hotel.

The actual hotel itself is consists of forty-three rooms split into difference categories and located in various parts of the building which encircles the wide internal courtyard where guests can relax and enjoy the light Maltese air and fresh sunlight.

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La Falconeria, Underground, Indoor Pool

2. SU 29

SU29, located at 29, Saint Ursula (see where the name came from?) is "an incredibly stylish and beautiful in the very heart of Valletta", as one guest has said about this boutique hotel, consists of a very limited number of lavishly designed themed suites, including the Classic Maltese, the Luxury Loft, the Luxury Fitness and the Grand Harbour Sky Villa.

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SU29 - Grand Harbour Sky Villa

3. Domus Zamittello

If you're looking to stay right in the hustle and bustle of city-life, you can't get any better than Domus Zamittello, right at the top of Merchants Street, metres away from the Old Theater and the Renzo Piano designed new Houses of Parliament in the entrance of the city.

This is a newly restored 17th century Palazzo consists of 21 luxurious rooms and suites, has plenty of history, with documents dating back to 1633 showing it used to be owned by a Signor Pensa, later occupied by the Knights of St. John, eventually when the British occupied the city, the then Governor Sir Thomas Maitland  conferred the palazzo to Sir Giuseppe Nicola Zamitt in 1805, a highly respected legislator and cultured man whose monument can be found in Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta. Owners of the Palazzo who undertook the restoration project and opening of the boutique hotel in 2018, are direct descendents of Zamitt.

So yes, if you want to be a part of history, this would be an excellent all-round choice.

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Domus Zamittello

4. Palais le Brun

This is another recently-restored Valletta Palazzo, in Old Bakery Street which is living with history. The actual building dates back to 1606, one of the earliest private homes to be built in Valletta, eventually to become the home of the illustrious knight Claude Le Brun and then Giuseppe and Giacchino, both Masters of Mint to the Order. 

In the early 20th century it was the childhood home to George Borg Olivier, Malta's first prime minister following Malta's indepdence. So yes, the building itself has plenty of character.

Today, it is one of Valletta's most luxurious hotels, with 28 rooms and suites, a pool deck and an elegant restaurant together.

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Palais le Brun


5. Palazzo Paolina

To finish our list a final boutique hotel in Valletta - and, another finely restored baroque Palazzo, this time located in St. Paul's street. 

This accomodation has been beautifully restored and has been excellently reviewed by visitors.

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Palazzo Paolina interior

Other Options

You'll find that most hotels in Valletta will be small, intimate and would fit the definition of a boutique hotel, so click on the following button to find more hotels and Valletta and take your pick.

More hotels in Valletta

Luxury Boutique Hotels

Now that we've actually looked at some of the most beautiful and best pick of boutique hotels in Valletta, it's time to look at a few of the best options in the rest of Malta.

We'll start with a few luxurious hotels which can be considered great picks if you're looking for that personal touch, whilst also living in luxurious surroundings.

6. Xara Palace

The Xara Palace Hotel is a 17th-century palace, in the old capital city of Malta, or Mdina. Sitting on the centuries-old bastions in the midst of stunning baroque architecture is reknown for luxurious accomodation and award-winning cuisine.

So much so, that many celebrities which come to Malta (particularly film stars) tend to stay in this 5-star accomodation.

The fully restored boutique hotel has seventeen luxury rooms and suites, all enjoying stunning views of the rest of Malta, designed with antique furniture and paintings, this is truly one of the top accomodations you can get booked in Malta.

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Xara Palace

7. Hotel Juliani

This is another gem of a hotel. Juliani sits in a fairly busy area, in St. Julian's down the road from Paceville which is the hub of Malta's nightlife, yet don't let this detract you from staying here. The rooms are completely sound-proofed and most of the rooms enjoy unobstructed sea views of the inlet where it is located. This "port" is the sweetest spot ever, still bustling with traditional Maltese fishing boats of the handful of local fishermen living in St. Julian's, which used to be a fishing village back in the day.

The hotel has actually been rated as the top hotel to stay in Malta by TripAdvisor and is mentioned as one of the top 100 boutique hotels to stay IN THE WORLD by Hotels.com - so you can just imagine the level of this hotel.

Once you're done from the hotel, you can enjoy some of the best bars, restaurants and shops which surround the neighborhood. 

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Hotel Juliani Suite

Rest of Malta

We've focused on Valletta firsts, because this was where most of the newest and best boutique hotels in Malta are located, and we've featured a few more around the island, which are the absolute top luxury accomodations you can stay in.

Now it's time to have a look at a few good places in the rest of the island, most of these will be located in quiet, spots for those who are looking for tranquility as opposed to the hustle and bustle of city-life.

8. Chapel 5 Suites

Once again, this is a truly authentic Maltese living. It can be found nestled away in an alley in the village core of Naxxar, a medieval village in central Malta, which consists of a number of main streets snaking through and alleys branching off where plenty of houses of character have been restored. These are the homes of many Maltese, with the Naxxar village core being one of the few places which has not been touched by the regeneration going on in the rest of Malta.

Chapel 5 Suites is a palazzo style house of character which has been converted to an exclusive bed and breakfast. The East meets West concept meshes the modern, with the traditional blending in everything whilst keeping alive the spirit of the traditional Maltese home.

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Chapel 5 Suites

9. BB De Rohan

This is another newly restored location, this time a house of character, right in village core of Zebbug, a town in central Malta.

While this is actually classified as a Bed and Breakfast, we believe this is a perfect stay for anybody who is looking for something in a quiet spot, with a nice gracious host, in a village where you can get a glimpse at real-life of the locals.

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Inner courtyard with pool BB de Rohan

10. Quaint Boutique Hotels, Rabat, Nadur, Xewkija, Sannat

This string of accomodations are the result of an idea of a Gozitan who wanted to give the experience of a Maltese village "pjazza" or square. The first one to open was in his hometown in Nadur, but now there are other locations in Xewkija, Sannat and in Rabat, Malta.

Once again, if you're looking to stay in a Maltese or Gozitan quiet village, all of the Quaint accomodations would make perfect fits.

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Quaint Boutique Hotels

While there are more than the above boutique hotels in Malta, we've only picked the ones which we believe have something special about them. These are some of best places you can stay in - if you'd like to check out any other places to stay or found a package of hotel + flight, Choice Holidays offers the best combination prices!

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