Blue Lagoon, Malta - 9 Things You Need To Know Before You Visit

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Blue Lagoon, Malta - 9 Things You Need to Know Before You Get There

Have a look at the below. This is what awaits you if you plan to visit the Blue Lagoon in Malta. Or is this just a tourist trap?

Well, it's a bit of both. 

In this article, we'll be giving it to you like it is, so that you can plan to make the most of your trip to Comino.

Blue Lagoon Malta

What is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon, Malta, located on the island of Comino, is one of Malta’s not so hidden gems. It is a bucket-list location known for its crystal clear turquoise blue waters and jagged cliffs, and it is a perfect location not only for swimming but also for heavenly photography hikes.

The location is so beautiful that it is featured as the photograph on the homepage!

The island of Comino is Malta’s smallest inhabited island. Its small number of mostly farmer inhabitants make it a perfectly peaceful destination and a beautiful place to explore or enjoy a sunny beach day away from the crowds (or not - depends on the season).

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Interesting Facts

Santa Marija Tower


  • Land of Cumin (hence Comino)

Being a wildlife sanctuary, Comino is home to many wild flowers and herbs. In fact, the Maltese name for this little island, Kemmuna, is named after what is the most typical one amongst them - cumin. The air is often filled with the smell of the herbs from the fields.

  • Residents of Comino

There are only three (3) permanent residents living on the tiny island! Sometimes they accompanied by a policeman and a priest who commute to Comino from the nearby, and slightly bigger, island of Gozo. 

Given the "isolated" nature of the island, fewer and fewer people actually live on the island. The remaining residents have been living here for decades and farming some of the available land and live in modest dwellings.

  • Tiny, but beautiful

Comino is the second smallest of the Maltese islands located less than 30 minutes North from the main island of Malta. Covering an area of 3.5 square kilometres, it is only 2 kilometres long and 1.7 kilometres wide making it perfect to explore on your day trip, especially in spring or autumn days when it is comfortable to go for a bit of a hike.

As there are very few cars and basically no traffic, it is the perfect place to escape from the busy Maltese roads and maybe choose a tranquil boat as your means of transport for the day.

  • Santa Marija Tower, the movie star

Apart from being a fortification from the 17th century and nowadays a prominent sight of the island, St. Mary’s Tower was also chosen to represent the Mediterranean prison Château d'If in the Count of Monte Cristo movie from 2002.


What to Expect

Comino Speedboat Ferry

Starting with the boat ride to the island, the journey is picturesque whether you decide to take the ferry or choose to go for a cruise. So have your camera ready for Instagram-worthy shots of the beautiful cliffs and blue and azure waters.

In summer, or peak tourist seasons, the Blue Lagoon has become one of the most popular spots on the Maltese islands so don’t be surprised when you see a crowded beach. 

Such is it’s “fame”, that the crowds flock to get a look at the beauty, but the location tends to get  generally overcrowded, especially during the peak summer seasons. 

Check out our invaluable tips below, in the Best Time to Go section, to experience the idyllic blue lagoon.

On the other hand, you can’t blame people for that - it is truly a place to see. It can be a bit off-putting to see the crowds all arriving at once on the ships, but this place is worth it.

Despite the crowds, there are still nice spots on the beach for you to find. 

The beach itself is mostly rocky, with a few patches of sand but it surely is possible to find a comfortable spot for the day. Moreover, you will probably spend most of your time in the water or exploring around.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon in Comino

Getting to Comino by Ferry

If you choose to go to Comino by public transport, you might want to dedicate at least 2 hours for the journey. 

Malta is a small island but it doesn’t mean bus trips are short. 

However, it is pretty easy to find a bus that will take you to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal which is departure point at the very north of Malta. There are two operators providing the service - Comino Ferries and Comino Ferry service.

See the general overview of direct buses going to Cirkewwa (as the final bus stop) from different locations in Malta.

  • Valletta |  Msida | Mosta - bus number 41 or 42

  • Sliema | St. Julian’s  - bus number 222

  • Bugibba - bus number 221

  • Airport - bus X1

  • Golden Bay - 101 or 102


If you are departing from Gozo, you will have to take bus number 301 or 303 heading to Mgarr Ferry Terminal from Victoria, the capital of Gozo.


Once you arrive at the ferry terminal, you can buy a return ticket for €10 from Mgarr, Gozo and for €13 from Cirkewwa, Malta. A single bus journey ticket is €2.00 during the summer months and €1.50 in the winter and is valid up to 2 hours.


However, if you’ve rented a car or other means of transportation, such as using a GOTO, just get to the Comino Ferry terminal. 


The terminal is at Marfa, which is about 1km away from the Gozo ferry terminal. The easiest way to arrive if you are using Google Maps, is to look for the Riviera hotel. The Riviera hotel is situated literally a few meters away from the Comino ferry terminal. 


Getting to Comino with a Boat Cruise

Captail Morgan Cruise Ship


If you are around staying around the Bugibba or Sliema / St. Julian’s area and just want to get to Comino without overthinking it, you can opt for one of the organized boat cruises. 

You can choose from multiple providers to make sure that the ship has all services and amenities you need:

  • washrooms

  • sundecks

  • lockers

  • food and drinks available on board or even included in the price.

  • some cruise ships even let you swim from the ship or use their water slide if they have one.

It is very easy to find a cruise company even just when walking around the busiest areas of Sliema, St. Julian’s or Bugibba but you check the list below to start with:

Sea Adventure Excursions Cruise Ship

The ships depart from various locations across Malta so have your location in mind when choosing the provider. They operate almost every day in the summer, but during the cooler months between November and March, no cruises are operated.


TIP: When deciding which cruise company to go for, keep in mind the hour they arrive at Comino. You might want to choose an early one to make sure you get there before the crowds and manage to catch a good spot.

Best Time To Go

If you are in Malta just for a limited time, really consider if you want to dedicate a whole day to a trip to Blue Lagoon.

  • Go very early - maybe even around 8-9 AM (keep in mind the journey / whole trip might take over two hours) to avoid the crowds, especially on the hottest days during the peak season from July to August.

  • Go on a weekday - the Blue Lagoon is not only hugely popular with tourists but with locals too. Try to avoid going on weekends as that is when most locals with their pleasure boats would find the time to go as well.

  • Go off season if you can - the months of May, June, and September or October are mostly warm enough to enjoy a beach day. Moreover, in May, September and October, the sun is definitely not as hot and allows you to explore the island with more comfort. If you’re travelling in peak season, then definitely opt for a weekday and go as early as possible.

  • If you are travelling with small children, we would recommend taking a sunset cruise which passes near the Blue Lagoon so you can enjoy the views without having to do much planning

TIP: Make sure you you can access the ferry schedule from your phone or keep the leaflets they hand out on the trips. You will want to plan what time you go back and save a spot in the queue as they get pretty long. That way you don’t have to wait for the next ferry.

What to Bring

Boats Moored in the Blue Lagoon

While you'll find a few places where to buy last minute, it is best to be prepared.


  • Sun Protection - sunglasses, sunscreen, wide hat and ideally an umbrella: these are essential for the Maltese hot summer days where the sun can be dangerous. UV Index levels of 10+ are quite common in summer. Make sure you put sunblock on if you decide to spend the day on the island, even if you normally are not the person to get burnt. Even a light shirt to cover your shoulders might be necessary if you are not acquainted with such hot weather.

  • Snacks - first of all, make sure you bring plenty of water to drink. You can buy more and snacks on the island too but, as you would expect, the prices will be more expensive than normal. There are a few beach kiosks where you can find snacks and drinks and even their famous pineapple cocktails, which you will find all over Instagram.

    If you prefer to eat in a more quiet area, you can take a walk to the Comino hotel where you can find a restaurant.

  • Swimsuit, Large Towel and Snorkeling Goggles - probably an obvious choice but it is important to remember to keep yourself cool so it is recommended to swim regularly and try to stay in the shade when you are not in the water if you can.

    You might want to take a floaty if you have one. You can also purchase some there although we would recommend getting one before you go as they sell it for marked up prices on the island.

  • Camera and Mobile Phone - don’t miss the opportunity to capture the beauty to keep as memories or yourself, share with others or even use the blues as artwork in your home. You would be disappointed if you missed the chance to take at least a few pictures. And an action camera would be an excellent choice here - if you've got one, don't leave it behind!

  • Motion-Sickness Pills - the only way to get to the island is by ferry or boat so you will definitely spend at least a few minutes on the sea. If you get seasick easily, we recommend that you take a pill about an hour before your boat ride. The sea is usually pretty calm during the summer months but gets a bit rougher as the winds get stronger in autumn and winter.

  • Games - board games, cards: it is most likely that you will spend the whole day on the island as the bus and ferry journey sometimes don’t make it worth it to come just for a few hours. Although there are many places to explore, it might be nice to bring along some games with you to enjoy with your friends on your breaks from swimming.

  • Sturdy Shoes - if you plan to venture inland, make sure to wear comfortable sneakers or even hiking shoes depending on the weather and your plans for the day. The surface is quite rocky and you don’t want to hurt yourself when climbing up the cliffs to enjoy the view. You might want to pack your flips-flops too to be more comfortable on the beach. 

  • Light Clothes -  during the hottest months of June, July and August, you won’t need much more than your swimsuit and something very light to protect you from the sun. If you decide to make a trip to the island in the cooler months in autumn or winter, you might need a light jacket. The temperature doesn’t get too low but the winds are quite strong and can get chilly.

Things To Know / What To Do

Yacht in Comino

San Niklaw Bay / Santa Marija Bay

Although Blue Lagoon is usually the reason why people head to Comino in the first place, it is definitely not the only location to see. You can take a walk around the island and explore other beaches like San Niklaw Bay or Santa Marija Bay. 

The latter is home to the only hotel in Comino and also a popular camping site for backpackers. Both areas are about a 40 minute peaceful walk away from the crowds towards the northern part of the island.

You surely cannot compare the beaches to the beauty of Blue Lagoon but they are a perfect option to further explore the island. Make sure you bring plenty of water to drink if you decide to do so as the scorching sun and no shade to hide in can be a dangerous combination during the summer months.


The Blue Lagoon is sandwiched by the island of Comino from one side and its smallest brother called Cominotto from the other side. You can swim over to the tiny island to hike up the cliffs to experience the stunning views or explore the few caves around the coast. 

The caves are definitely worth swimming around in but watch out for jellyfish and stay away from the sharp rocks if you see that the sea and waves are rough on the day.

Santa Marija Tower

One of the few buildings on Comino, the famous Santa Marija Tower is definitely worth stopping by when exploring the island. It dates back to the 17th century when it formed part of a chain of defensive towers serving as a fortification and a warning system in case of invasion or to spot pirates or smugglers.

Also, catching a glimpse of the sea and view from the top of the stairs is pretty amazing and spectacular.


Swimming / Snorkeling 

Some kind of swimming or snorkeling experience is a must in these perfectly blue waters. You might find the Blue Lagoon a bit too crowded at peak times on the Comino side so you might want to try swim over to the other side, the beach on Cominotto. It is about 300 metres both ways and some parts you can even walk over. 

If you decide to explore the less crowded side on Cominotto, definitely do not miss the stunning views from the top of the cliffs. You can even have a swim in the smaller caves around the beach. 

The lagoon alson provides a great snorkeling experience. The waters are quite shallow as event the deepest parts towards the centre of the lagoon are only a few metres deep, you do not need to be a perfect swimmer to witness the beautiful underwater world.

Walk the Island

If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land or you are not visiting the island during the summer months in the scorching heat, swap your flip flops for a pair of sturdy shoes to survive the rocky moon-like surface. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for the Santa Marija Tower or the Comino Chapel.

Crystal Lagoon

There is only one place that can live up to the blues of Coral Lagoon. It is the vibrant Crystal Lagoon located just over half a kilometer away from the Coral Lagoon making it a perfect end location for your escape away from the crowds. Not as many boats and ships go there and the water as well as the cliffs are just as beautiful.


Comino is a popular area for camping in the summer too. The temperature remains quite warm and allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the night on the island. There is only one campsite on Comino, in the north of the island in Santa Marija Bay. There is a small sandy beach allowing access to the sea for swimming. With no permit needed, you can organize a camping trip with your friends and even use the stone-built barbeque and public toilets.

View of Santa Marija Tower and Comino Cliffs

Things To Avoid

  • Try to resist jumping off the cliffs opposite the beach. You might want to impress your friends or feel the adrenalin by jumping in, but the surface and walls of the cliffs are very rocky and combined with the waves, your jump might not be worth it. Several life-threatening injuries happen EVERY year from cliff-diving in Comino, usually tourists - don't become one of them. Spinal injuries are very common and there is no easy way to get to a doctor / hospital.

  • There are beautiful caves near the Blue Lagoon beach but again, even experienced swimmers might struggle to get back - the waves and current can get pretty strong. Do not swim out of the designated swimming zones.

  • Watch out for the small jellyfish and check for any pest warnings - if you happen to get stung by one, don’t worry, the life guards are ready to help.

  • Try to avoid staying in the sun for too long. Even if you decide to go beyond the Blue Lagoon beach and explore the island, make sure you bring enough water to drink, apply your sunblock, and try to stay in the shade whenever you can.

  • Be wary of sea currents. Given that the lagoon is a narrow stretch of water between open seas, currents can get pretty strong. Before you allow children in, make sure you have checked whether there are any currents. If there are currents, make sure you swim only in sheltered areas and keep an eye out for members of your group. As always, if you get caught in a current, don’t swim against it. Swim with or slightly across it until you can get to somewhere stuff and seek help.

  • Avoid swimming out of the designated swimming zones. Comino has quite a lot of boat traffic, particularly in peak season, and you could find yourself in danger. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What time of the year can I go for a cruise?

The cruises operate from April to November and they are closed for the remaining cooler months. The main season starts from May followed by the busiest peak season of July and August. However, it always depends on the weather and most importantly the demand so the operators might still run some trips during the winter season too.


2. What facilities are available at the lagoon?

There are public toilets available during the summer season, a few kiosks selling drinks, cocktails, ice creams and snacks. For added comfort, you can also rent deckchairs and umbrellas.


3. Is there another sandy beach apart from Blue Lagoon bay?

Yes, it is called Santa Maria Bay and it is located beside the Comino Hotel bungalows and the hotel has a private small sandy beach only for their residents to use. You might also enjoy another bay called Crystal Lagoon.


4. How is the sea at lagoon? How deep is the Blue Lagoon Malta?

The sea is known for its wonderful turquoise colour. It is shallow at the sandy area but goes deeper to around a few metres. Apart from these areas the sea gets deeper very quickly so be careful if you are not a good swimmer.

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